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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

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That truly would've been great, for Chlo to learn the truth about him simultaneously with the formation of the Fortress AND him actually flying.

Damn. What a missed opportunity, IMO.
Additionally, I wish Chloe could have learned Clark's secret on her own without Alicia's assistance. I mean the girl was a reporter and exceedingly intelligent and not only doesn't she learn it on her own but Clark's psycho ex-wife is the one to spill it to her? Damn!

By the way I wasn't slamming Alicia. I really liked Alicia and Sarah Carter as well. She had much better chemistry with Tom Welling than Kristen did and would have made a nice transition between Lana and Lois had they kept her.

Though that does bring up one other thing... No Lori Lemaris who in the comics was the transitional girl between Lana and Lois? It's not like mer-people don't exist in Smallville. AC anybody?

When I think of all the things Alfred and Miles could have done the more bitter I get. I'm a pretty weird fan, aren't I?

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