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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

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You know I really loved seasons 8-10 and thought Clark was coming along nicely except for the Miles and Alfred's "No flights" bullshit that Brian and Kelly stupidly continued to enforce.

Seriously, what was up with that, for the love of God? I mean, at that point it was laughable when virtually everyone around Clark could fly except him. I mean hell, I half expected the Chlovage to fly when she was under the influence of Brainiac, . His own cousin thought he was defective in some way because he was the only Kryptonian to land on Earth and not be able to fly. Continuing his not flying until the very final ep was just plain lame and damaged the perception of Clark as a true Superman.
Yeah, he really was more Super-Flash than he was Superman. I think he should have been able to fly after the s4 season premiere ep. If Kal El could fly then BY GOD so could Clark!
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