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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

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Personally, I think feel that Lana should've been dumped from the show after Season 3, but that's just me.
Not just you.

I'm glad to know that I'm not alone on this.

And it has nothing to do with Kristen
I never blamed Kristen. I mean, goddamn, the woman is gorgeous. I just hated the self-centered, entitled attitude the woman had and the way she had Clark so thoroughly whipped he could barely function as a human/kryptonian being much less as a hero. Also...

the character and the way that her mere presence held Clark back and continued to enable his overall douchiness. When they brought her back in the middle of Season 8, I just saw the whole storyline reverting back four seasons. And that was at the point where it was beginning to feel more like Superman a bit and less like Clark Kent, Down on the Farm.
Lois and Clark were coming along nicely until Lana showed up. It just made it seem like Clark was settling for Lois after Lana left rather than choosing her because he actually wanted her. Pissed me off. Still glad Lana was thoroughly written out though.

Then of course we got Seasons 9 and 10, which just prolonged the agony of him still being a douche and not flying and becoming Supes.
You know I really loved seasons 8-10 and thought Clark was coming along nicely except for the Miles and Alfred's "No flights" bullshit that Brian and Kelly stupidly continued to enforce.
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