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Re: Faith in Humanity Restoration Thread

Wow, I'm really appreciating everyone's stories and contributions so much! Shandee, a perfect example of people triumphing over our own foul natures, and MLB, the notoriously polite Canadians cleaning up the film sets made me lol!

Zion, that second video was especially striking to me too. I never saw the ad growing up in America, but I instantly recognized the speech, as Pink Floyd sampled it for one of their songs! (Thanks, dad. )

The Hawking video reminded me a bit of the awesome Sagan and Feynman series, some of which I've been sharing on FB. This is my favorite, because ever since I was a child I felt that we make our own meaning, and that is what makes life all the more meaningful; people think atheists have an a priori cynical worldview, but I think what Sagan expresses here is the most humanitarian, humble, and hopeful outlook one could ever possess:

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