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Re: Faith in Humanity Restoration Thread

^ Reminds me of that old show Night Heat, filmed in Toronto...they had to routinely create sets and street scenes which were suitably banged up, dirty, etc., but they also had to contend with helpful passersby who cleaned up the very same scenes (not knowing they were being used on set) before the TV crews could finish filming!

Another personal anecdote: Last fall I went to Boston to see three Yankees/Red Sox games at Fenway Park. I had a totally awesome time, I love Boston and its ballpark (even though I hate the actual Red Sox with the fire of a thousand suns ). Anyhoo, even though I was dressed head to toe in Yankee gear the whole time, everyone in Boston was very nice to me. A guy even helped me when I got lost in the city. No one was ever mean to me in any way - occasional catcall from a passing car but that was it. In fact, my first game at Fenway, these Sox fans sitting right in front of me turned around and shook my hand and wished me well.
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