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Re: The All-New DALLAS!

Off the top of my head:

Joel Grey
Brenda Strong
Jerry Hardin
James Cromwell
Kate Mulgrew
Barry Jenner
Glenn Corbett
Morgan Woodward
Barbara Babcock
Susan Howard
Chris Demetral
Lance Le Gault
Leigh McCloskey
John Anderson
John Beck
Ron Canada
Jerry Hardin
Taran Fahir
Rosalind Ingledew/Allen
Sam Anderson
Jerry Hardin
Phillip Anglim
William Windom
Nicholas Coster
Jonathan Harris
Robert O'Reilly
Susan Howard
Mary Crosby
Leigh Taylor Young
Beth Toussaint
Monte Markham
Ray Wise
Gerrit Graham
Michele Scarabelli
Michael Bell
Joey Aresco
Bruce French
Charles Napier
Joanna Miles
Paul Carr
Cliff Potts
K Callan
Kathryn Leigh Scott
Henry Darrow
Joanna Cassidy
Mitchell Ryan
George Coe
John Larroquette
Warren Munson
Charles Cooper
Tricia O'Neill
Biff Yeager
Erich Anderson

...all appeared on a Dallas series or film as well as a Star Trek series or film.

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