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What gives me pause though is that the download is supposed to be close to 2GB and that's bigger then even LotSB. All I was expecting is some epilogue exposition similar to what we got in DA:O. At 2 gig that must be quite a fair amount of content, even if most of it is just permutations of the same basic material.
Based on the size and the fact that we've been told to play it from the Cerberus base mission to get all the content, what I'm expecting is a complete re-kajiggering of the cutscenes during the final missions so that they properly reflect actual decisions you've made throughout the trilogy and not just your EMS score. If we don't get that then I'll be somewhat disappointed.

Also, I've heard a rumour that there's an entirely new ending that's distinct from the three available in the original version, but I have no idea if it's true. Perhaps they did provide the option to tell the star child to go fuck himself, as so many of us desired?
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