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It has finished downloading now, but I wont be playing it for another few hours. I'm kinda excited, but kinda not. ME3 was such a powerful experience and when I originally got to the final mission it was the culmination of hours experiencing that universe... but I haven't played ME3 in months so there has been no build-up to this moment. I'm currently listening to the ME3 soundtrack on Youtube in the hope that it will bring back memories of the game and put me in the right frame of mind for the ending. (I'm up to "A Future for the Krogan" right now. Damn, that was an amazing mission.)

For those who still think that this DLC was planned in advance and is part of a storytelling masterstroke by Bioware, the relative ambivalence I'm feeling right now pretty much proves how stupid such a plan would have been.
I've been replaying the game all week, so I've had about as good a build up as one can have (Just done Thessia and getting ready to do the Sanctuary mission.) Can't really articulate what my feelings are in regards to the extended cut, though ambivalence probably isn't too far off the mark. I don't think for a second that this is part of some master plan either; at least I hope it isn't because it's already backfired big time.

What gives me pause though is that the download is supposed to be close to 2GB and that's bigger then even LotSB. All I was expecting is some epilogue exposition similar to what we got in DA:O. At 2 gig that must be quite a fair amount of content, even if most of it is just permutations of the same basic material.

Disturbing thought of the day: what are the chances that they actually managed to make the ending worse?
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