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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Admirals, always seeing their wise and brilliant orders ignored by arrogants captains.
B is for Bajoran vedeks, always injecting their religion into the politics of their world and further complicating already delicate matters
C is for Cardassian Central Command. interfering gits.
D is for Diplomats. Useless. All of them. The best diplomat is a fully charged phaser bank.
E is for Emissary. Whether you're an Admiral, annoyed at this textbook breach of the Prime Directive, a Kai wishing you were the Emissary instead, a Gul jealous of his popularity, or simply a plain, simple tailor who got punched because your schemes were a little too dark for him, the man's a nuisance.
F is for Ferengi, always getting underfoot with their wild and stupid schemes to make profit.
G is for Gorn. Going around fragging colonies. Damn lizards.
H is for HARCOURT!! Harcourt Fenton Mudd! Have you been drinking again?
I is for Iconian Gateways. All these portals through time and space do is make things more difficult for Starfleet. Screw 'em.
J is for Jem'hadar. No eating, no drinking, no sex. how's an honest Ferengi barkeep supposed to make a living?
K is for Klingons. Nuff said.
L is for Legarans, bloody awkward people to negotiate with.
M is for McCoy, Dr. Leonard H. Mostly to certain Vulcans.
N is for Nanites, eatin your core and stuff.
O is for Organ thieves like the Vidiians. Nasty sons-o-bitches!
P is for Privy. Where's the damned privy? 430 crew on this ship and no privy. THAT's the most annoying thing by far.
Q is for....well Q of course.
R is for Romulans. Vulcans with attitude.
S is for Sneaky Satarrans, going around knocking people out and wiping their memories...
T is for any random humanoid species starting with T that nobody in Starfleet will encounter often enough to finally remember who is who. Damn, that's irritating.
U is for the Ultimate Computer. What good is a massively expensive and powerful computer if you can double-talk it into killing itself.
V is for Vulcans. They were pretty dang annoying when they were treating humanity like second-class citizens of the galaxy.
W is for Weyoun and his smarmy clones.
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