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Re: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter produced by Tim Burton in the work

The Onion?

If they'd penned a little satire about an upcoming Theodore Roosevelt movie and him being a hunter of supernatural things, people would probably have believed it. Roosevelt actually went hunting for 6 weeks after the birth of four of his five children (his wife Edith must have loved that ) and he was a noted big game hunter after his presidency. Then, of course there was his 2 year sojourn into the Badlands a few months after the birth of his first child, Alice, which was followed by the death of his first wife, Alice Lee, and his mother, Mittie two days later, 11 hours apart from one another. Talk about your double whammy--and fertile material for a monster movie. The sparsely populated frontier North Dakota Badlands of the mid 1880s? Teddy chasing criminals.....and perhaps something else. It actually writes itself more than Lincoln hunting the undead, and I really enjoyed the movie.

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