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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

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I always felt that Miles and Gough were burnt out by season seven, and didn't really want to continue but CW kind of forced them to, so they quit. I'll never forgive Brian and Kelly for coming up with the Kryptonite Woman story. I have nagged about this often, but aside from Veritas is the single most stupid story they ever came up with and ruined Lana for me LOL. I think I mentioned in the thread that I'd absolutely LOVE Miller if he brought Lana back and undid that

See I've always hated Lana so I've always applauded their ingenious way of exiling her. Don't get me wrong, the Kryptonite Woman episodes were crap but they got rid of Lana for me so I love them for it.

I only want Brian Q. to bring back Lana only if she comes back with terminal Kryptonite cancer and dies.

If he brings her back and undoes the Kryptonite Woman thing then I hope there's a dramatic reason for doing so. The only reason I can think of for bringing her back is to show us that Clark is really and truly choosing Lois over Lana and not just settling for her because he can't have the woman he really wants.

Basically I just want a big "Fuck You!" aimed at Miles and Alfred's version of Lana Lang.
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