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Re: The Newsroom.

The G-Man seyz...
I'm a lot closer to 50 than I am to 20 but I don't know any 20 year olds who ask questions like that. That was more like the kind of question of 12 year old might ask and I'm not even sure about that.
I'm in my mid 30s, but I have a 16 year old child who talks utter bollocks because he thinks that he is immortal, and the first text capable phones came out when I was at university, so I can almost understand a 20something.

Remember Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting taking that kid down in a bar about how whatever they had just taught him at college was the most real thing in the world because he wasn't as aware of his future curriculum like he a janitor was? ...And that the next books he would be told to read would change his word view in a completely anticipated fashion and then the next books and so on, and so on?

The College experience is safe bubble where they build you up in before the real world starts knocking you down.

If I may be crass.

Only tired old limp men entirely beyond sex tell gorgeous skinny 20 year old girls that they are wrong and possibly retarded, even though they almost all usually are since sensible intelligent women usually never put themselves in such situations where they can be judged and attacked by idiots.

They Shoot Horse Don't They?

Future episodes will include Jane Fonda as the Boss of Bosses.

Purely scientifically speaking, it would be interesting to compare a nude scene now to her epic moments in Barbarella just to prove that women are real people who are important no matter their exterior issues.

It's HBO.

I don't need tits, but I did wonder if there was going to be any?
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