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Re: The Newsroom.

I enjoyed it, though it never quite lived up to the level of the (great) rant at the beginning.

Also, it's kind of easy to be critical of the state of the news today (which I and most people are too) while having the benefit of writing about newsmaking incidents with 20/20 hindsight and a helping of extremely convenient characters and events.

The blogger guy just happens to be some kind of an expert on deep ocean drilling because he built a volcano as a school project when he was a kid. The wunderkind new producer just happens to have a sister and a former roommate intimately involved with the oil spill disaster and willing to possibly jeopardize their careers by whistleblowing mere hours into the course of the disaster (although they remain confidential, it could possibly be tracked back to them). Everyone and their brother seems to be willing to come on the air and comment for the record before the full extent of the disaster is even known. Yeah, it would be great if the news can inform us in such a detailed and amazingly swift manner, but stories don't often fall in their laps the way this one did to the Newsnight staff. They put together a full reporting on the truth of the BP disaster in a manner of about a half-hour before (and during) broadcast and only a couple of hours after the incident itself happened.

I get that to make things exciting and live up to the fast-paced tempo of a Sorkin show some compromises are going to have to be made, but I hope in the future a slightly more realistic approach to attaining and confirming sources based on days, weeks, and months of rigorous research and back and forth discussions with often uncooperative sources worried about their jobs will be depicted.

That being said, it had all the biting and witty dialogue I've come to expect from Sorkin, and people getting a workout running around the set like it's a track and field competition. Every first episode has some kinks to work out before they settle into the groove of how the show is going to work, and I look forward to seeing Sorkin's and his fellow writer's commentary on the various newsmaking incidents of the past couple of years. So I'll definitely be sticking with this one and watching it with great interest.
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