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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

*Shrug* I don't think the PvP community is terribly surprised by this. Every time there's been some rumblings about PvP getting some work done (even if it's just a new map), it's been "postponed". The prison in the Dominion FE's was going to be a new ground PvP map... Nothing came of it. Season 6 was said to be the big PvP update, which was then postponed. Then they announce season 7's details, none of which talk about PvP.

While they've made it so Klingons are level 20+ only, they've left the lower level FvK queues there. So you've get the hilarious situation that you have 25 feds queued up for an FvK match that will NEVER pop (while there's only 3 people in the FvF queue).

Kerrat used to be the AFK centre of the game. However, atleast they could AFK without causing trouble for other people. Now the dilithium mission is reduced to a daily, some of these AFKers have fled to easier pickings... Like STFs, but most especially PvP. So now you've got people AFKing in PvP like crazy. Some of these individuals have been reported, with screenshots, over 20 times by different people and nothings done.

Here are the things that have been added to PvP since the game went live two and a half years ago:-
Healing score in the results window.

Honestly, it's a shock ANYONE still PvPs. Despite how much I despise those PvPers who throw tantrums at the Devs, I can't say I'm exactly unsympathetic. We were actually beginning to feel hopeful with Gozer working on PvP.
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