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I've said it before and I'll say it again. If they have Liara with my Shepard's little blue children, I'll be happy. I don't care what else happens.
But if the rumours are true and the only way to achieve that ending is to kill off the Geth, what will you do then?
Kill the sodding geth and make a fortune selling novelty desk lamps? I can't help it if the writers use some contrived space magic BS to try shoe-horn in a moral dilemma into what would otherwise be a no-brainer.

On a completely different topic; something occurred to me while replaying today. Just after I'd done the Asari monastery mission, I went back in the citadel to talk to both Samara & Javik at the embassies and something Samara said made me wonder (just having spoken to Javik probably made this jump out more) were the Justicar code established by the Protheans? Obviously this never occurred to me on the first playthough since you don't discover the Prothean/Asari connection until a bit later, but in hindsight it feels very plausible. There's something about the way Samara speaks and acts. The strict, ruthless doctrine, the merciless discipline, the black and white view of morality...very Prothean.
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