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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

Janek set his ship down on an unknown alien planet at the front door of a temple of an unknown alien species, all without testing the atmosphere, scouting the surface for good landing sites capable of supporting the weight of his ship or devoid of dangerous storms (like the one they encountered on their first day), or first trying to make rudimentary contact with the aliens using David's knowledge of their language. Janek abandoned his post to go on a booty call while two of his crew were stuck in the alien temple and there were anomalous life signs showing up. Janek comes across as competent because everything initially worked out and he made a brave and selfless sacrifice in the end, but he kind of sucked at his job too.
He also sat the ship down basically almost on a giant hangar bay door. If he'd sat it down a bit closer to the alien temple, his ship would've just fall down when the alien ship took off.
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