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Re: The All-New DALLAS!

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As long as Duffy and Hangman are in, I'll be watching. It's not really challenging television but a guilty pleasure. That's what resonates with me in comparison to the series of the 80s. I can't recall the two made for TV movies however, something about Sue Ellen ending up with all the riches and ownership to Ewing Oil? It certainly doesn't seem like that in the premiere.
That's because the new series is ignoring both J.R. Returns and The War of the Ewings, as if they never happened. Kind of like what Star Trek did for a long time regarding the Animated Series.

But, as to the events of the reunion movies, essentially:

Dallas: The War of the Ewings follows up only with Bobby, J.R., Sue Ellen, Carter McKay, and Anita Smithfield and brings back Ray Krebbs. Apart from some follow up on what Ray has been up to since leaving the series, it is mostly forgettable and actually rather awful.
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