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Yeah, the new mechanics do make things more interesting, espionage played a big role in me leading my current game. I was on a continent with the Indians and the Danes, and even though I was friendly with India, they were slowly pulling ahead of me in science and culture. I got my first spy and sent her to India to see if she could steal some tech for me, but the first thing she does is warn me that India are preparing to attack Denmark. I'm not on good terms with Denmark, but I know that if India takes them out then they may become unstoppable, so I warn Denmark about the impending attack. Roughly ten turns later, Denmark preemptively attacked India and caught them off-guard. I took advantage of India's disarray by declaring war myself, hitting their army from the side and taking control of their cities from under Denmark's nose. Denmark weren't even upset, they were overjoyed that I warned them in the first place and helped them out in the war. (Not that their friendliness helped them out in the long run. )

Espionage may seem limited in scope at first glance, but it does make global politics more interesting.

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You know, I've had this game on Steam for almost a year and I still haven't played it...

Still playing IV.
Wow, a whole year, that must be one hell of a game. Create a dystopian future yet?

Seriously, give Civ V a try. I know it has acquired a bad rep from hardcore Civ IV fans, but a lot of that is undeserved in my opinion. Honestly, I can't play Civ IV anymore because I love the 1 unit per tile rule so much, it's a complete game-changer. There were only two big things from Civ IV that I missed, religion and vassals, and this expansion has added a much better religion mechanic than the one in Civ IV.
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