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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

trekkiebaggio wrote: View Post
They were shipped there from a DHARMA facility. I can't remember exactly why.
It was an experiment to see if polar bears could be adapted to live in other climates, such as tropical islands and the desert. It was somehow involved with the frozen donkey wheel which would teleport Ben (and others) from the Island to the middle of the Tunisian desert. Charlotte found the remains of a polar bear there in Tunisia. Why they needed to test that on polar bears and couldn't just use any other animal is beyond me, other than they just decided it would be freaky to have polar bears show up on a tropical island.

I can't believe how stupid that all sounds now typing it out.

Shurik wrote: View Post
I think there's an alternative ending to Resurrection where Ripley and the rest of the survivors land on Earth and it's a wasteland.

Trekker4747 wrote: View Post
Locutus of Bored wrote: View Post
Either that or his mimicry of contempt and wonder is so precise as to be indistinguishable from human emotion, in which case the difference between them being real emotions or not is largely a moot point.
I think it's more than a moot point. My Sims show happiness and glee when I buy them a new CRT TV. Are they really feeling happy?
A moot point from the perspective of others who can't tell the difference, not to David himself. If his use of emotion is so adept and used at appropriate moments that don't stand out as strange to humans, it might as well be real emotions from their perspective.

Nightowl1701 wrote: View Post
The whole crew wasn't expendable. Just Shaw, Holloway, Millburn and Fifield - aka the non-Company freelance associates who were kept out of the loop about the real mission.

"Barely capable of getting him to an alien planet?" Captain Janek and his men (plus David) got the Prometheus down on LV-223 just fine.

With the exceptions of Millburn & Fifield, who had no clue what they were in for when they signed up, and loose-cannon Holloway (and let's face it, they're the only ones we're complaining about), the crew of the Prometheus was "pretty damn good."
Janek set his ship down on an unknown alien planet at the front door of a temple of an unknown alien species, all without testing the atmosphere, scouting the surface for good landing sites capable of supporting the weight of his ship or devoid of dangerous storms (like the one they encountered on their first day), or first trying to make rudimentary contact with the aliens using David's knowledge of their language. Janek abandoned his post to go on a booty call while two of his crew were stuck in the alien temple and there were anomalous life signs showing up. Janek comes across as competent because everything initially worked out and he made a brave and selfless sacrifice in the end, but he kind of sucked at his job too.

It doesn't make sense for Weyland to have expendable idiot scientists on his crew, since they're going into a completely unknown situation where having a biologist and a geologist handy is a good safety measure. If you're going through underground tunnels, don't you want to know if they're structurally sound and if there are any dangerous elements in the rock? Don't you want your ship to set down on solid ground? Don't you want a biologist who will make sure the aliens you're going to contact don't have any weird diseases that might kill you? Don't you want to know if that space cobra is safe without trying to pet it?

Holloway endangers the whole crew by taking off his helmet and potentially exposing everyone to unknown pathogens. Shaw and Ford endanger the whole crew by bringing aboard the alien head and poking and prodding it without being in a quarantine room (they eventually get it in one seconds before it explodes) or even wearing hazmat suits. The computer says "no pathogens," but you're dealing with a completely unknown situation that leaves it open to overlooking things - like exploding heads.
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