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Again... WHY hire cannon fodder? That fundamentally makes NO sense. Why not hire people who are EFFECTIVE?
(sigh) Hell, I don't know...maybe because he thought they'd be more effective than they were (or at least not get themselves killed)? This goes back to the whole "Vickers sabotaged the mission by hiring idiots" theory. I have a hard time believing Weyland himself would have handpicked two squeamish potheads. I'm sure if he was doing the recruiting, he would have gotten more competent people. Again, effective or not, his only real criteria would have been that they STAY THE HELL OUT OF HIS WAY when it comes time to say "Hi" to E.T.
Ultimately, one has to twist and twist in order to make sense of THIS CREW... this is a failure of the writing. Characters doing stupid things in order to advance the plot.

Weyland's desire to meet the aliens, to ask for more life, THAT makes sense... but why hire these people? That makes NO sense, unless one twists and twists.
I may be over thinking this.

However, when I watch movies like this where a crew boards a ship, goes to sleep for years, wakes up to do a job, and then goes back to sleep for years, I have to wonder who these people are and why they do it. The only film I recall even addressing the subject was Planet of the Apes. It explicitly states that everything the crew knew would be gone when they return to Earth. The motivation of the scientists: they were the kind of guys who'd "walk naked into a live volcano if he thought [they]could learn something no other man knew." Taylor had nothing but contempt for humanity, and wouldn't miss it if he never saw it again. In Alien, the characters are all stuck in contracts and hoping to make a share of the cargo's profits. How long were they asleep? Do their contracts account for inflation? If I sign a contract to do a job for a million dollars, what do I do if I wake up in ten years and find that million is worth less than the ten in my pocket now? I go back to work, I guess, like any indentured servant or share cropper. I think Fitfield and his lot were on that ship because they were already pretty much owned by The Company and The Company had a need for and expendable geologist, biologist, etc. and just assigned the ones currently in stock to the project.

The bridge crew of The Prometheus bothered me slightly when at the end they all decided to stay together, because it felt like a cliche where brothers in arms stay together no matter what, even if it means death. Then it struck me; how long have they been a crew on a ship? How many missions? How many years asleep at a time? How old are they really? Are all of their families dead? Long dead? Are their class mates and contemporaries old? Long dead? Of course they stay together, they have nothing to go back to.

That's who goes on these missions: Besides the occasional motivated specialist, it's people without options. People owned by The Company. People with nothing to go back to.
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