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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

85. The Killing (B+)
86. The Order of the Black Eagle (F)
87. Jaws (A)

The Killing -- Stanley Kubrick doesn't display his virtuoso visual design that he would develop in later films, but this one isn't so clinical, either. It's a solid crime thriller, although I find the narration tiresome, and the shoot-out near the end is needlessly cacophonous. Sterling Hayden and Elisha Cook, Jr. are good, and the nonlinear structure is an effective way to lay out the heist.

The Order of the Black Eagle -- It's hard to do worse than Duncan Jax, which is not only a total rip off of the James Bond series (and not of the best films of the franchise; he's more like Roger Moore in one of his later outings -- too campy and too damned old), but in this installment filled with some hilarious racism. Not only do we have "Mexican" bandits that speak in the same accent as the Frito Bandito (in the late 80s!), but white extras in brown face trying to make the place (the Carolinas) look like Central America (it doesn't). Terrific bad movie night material.

Jaws -- I was lucky enough to see a brand new, restored 35mm print of the movie this evening, and it was a blast. It really works, even when you know all the scares that are coming, although it's a little disheartening to think that a movie with such craft (and, to a certain extent, unconventional leads) would ultimately lead to such high-concept dreck as Transformers. But, Hollywood's decline (creatively, not financially, and only in certain sectors) doesn't negate how good this movie is. I think the first sequel is somewhat unfairly maligned, but it's easy to see why the first film is superior -- it rarely gets better than the last 30-40 minutes with the three men on the boat, hunting the shark.

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