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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman - free admission
Final Destination 3 - DVD
Piranha 3DD - free admission
The Final Destination - DVD
Final Destination 5 - DVD
Conan the Destroyer - Netflix Instant
Jesse Stone: Stone Cold - Netflix Instant
Ralphie May: Austin-tatious - Netflix Instant
Ralphie May: Too Big to Ignore - Netflix Instant
Shark Night 3D - Netflix Instant
Jesse Stone: Night Passage - Netflix Instant
Kevin Smith: Burn in Hell - Netflix Instant
Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise - Netflix Instant
Jesse Stone: Sea Change - Netflix Instant
Moonrise Kingdom - free admission
God Bless America - free admission
Prometheus 3D/2D - free admission
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted - free admission
Rock of Ages - free admission
That's My Boy - free admission
Cursed - DVD
Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter 3D - free screenin'
Escape 2000 (1982) - free admission
Brave 3D - free screenin'
Dracula 2000 - DVD
The Sword and the Sorcerer (1982) - free admission

Took a couple of tries, but I managed to watch Dracula 2000 on DVD. Not a good movie...and would have been so much better if it had been enough to make Dracula Dracula, instead of Dracula and the other guy (spoilers!!!). On the plus side, Jeri Ryan had a supportin' role and got to talk about her boobs. And Nathan Fillion was in a couple of scenes.

Got together with a couple of buddies to see a gawd awful Errol Flynn wannabe fantasy adventure movie from 1982 at the Alamo Drafthouse - South Lamar tonight.

Dear god, what a terrible movie that was...anyone else seen it? 'cause my friends and I were arguin' about whether or not Talon wound up havin' sex with his sister...

Not sure what all else I'll be seein' this week - I have advanced screenin' passes I can't use, a couple of friends who want to see stuff I've already gone to, a few DVDs to watch, and I just started Eureka on DVD.
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