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Re: The All-New DALLAS!

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doubleohfive, thank you so much for all your posts here. Reading your comments is reminding me of so many things I had forgotten about the series, and making me enjoy it that much more.
Thanks. I just finished rewatching most of the series prior to the premiere so a lot of it is fresh in my head.

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I have a practical question. Is this season 15 (ala Doctor Who), since it's a continuation? 15 assuming the ignoring of the TV movies.
I read a quote from Patrick Duffy (Bobby) somewhere earlier today, something to the effect of "we want the viewer to think that the show's been on the air all these years and the viewer forgot which channel it was on" - or something to that effect. Elsewhere I believe it was referred to unofficially as season 15. That's up to the viewer, maybe.
As I said earlier in the thread, the new series is a continuation much the same way the 2005 Doctor Who revival is to its original predecessor - they acknowledge everything more or less happened in the old show, but will only pinpoint what they really want to reference. (Except, of course, the reunion movies.)

Hopefully Victoria Principal will be roped back into reprising her role. She certainly was a standout in the early episodes. I know her character nearly burned to death but that's hardly a hurdle to creative writers (although I'm sure it would have taken Orci and Kurtzman: the Dream Team several years to sort that one out).
The last time we saw Pam, she made it clear: She was dying. Whether this was the writers way of getting rid of Pam without actually getting rid of her, or just keeping the door open in case Principal wanted to return, it's going to be very interesting to see how the writers bring her back if the current show manages to lock her in.

I used to love to hear the cruel (but often creative) things JR would say to his wife. My favorite: "Go to bed Sue Ellen. There's nothing uglier than a woman who can't handle her liquor!"
True. But some of them could be downright cruel though, like irredeemably so. He was NOT a nice guy to her sometimes! I remember one that still shocks me to this day:

SUE ELLEN: Which slut are you going to be with tonight?
J.R. It doesn't matter, because whoever she is, she's got to be better than the slut I'm lookin' at right now! (i.e. Sue Ellen)

I mean, !

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how do we know Jock was the first John?
Jock was John Ross I.

J.R. is John Ross II.

John Ross is John Ross Ewing III.

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I wonder how many Trek actors have appeared in this series over the years...probably dozens, but I can only think of one at the moment (Mary Crosby, i.e. Kristin Shepard, played a Cardassian on DS9).
You would be amazed.

And that list is nowhere near complete. All kinds of people who had bit parts on Dallas went on to have roles on all four of the spinoff Trek series. Some had already been on TOS.

Not Trek-related, but one of my favorites is a 1984 appearance of Dennis Haysbert as Bobby's doctor.

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