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Re: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter produced by Tim Burton in the work

True that, Kestrel.

I'm surprised. The movie was pretty quirky and weird, but it was fun. I didn't go in expecting the gravity of Lawrence of Arabia. People enjoy superheroes and giant robots but they can't enjoy this? I just don't get it. It seemed a slam dunk for the summer season. Lincoln leaving Henry behind was like the hole he left in history when he was killed. You have to wonder how reconstruction would have progressed and about the bitterness and segregation in the south that continued for a century for many a reason, not the least of which was Andrew Johnson's ineffectiveness. In the film it was the vampires who survived, though they were temporarily exiled; real life is far more tragic when you consider the history of the region after the war. Henry wanted to make Lincoln immortal so they could continue to work together. How sad that real life Lincoln didn't live 10 or 20 more years. Things might have been very, very different. Or perhaps not. We'll never know.

Maybe Ben Walker isn't "cool" enough for summer audiences. Me, I thought was great in the part. I guess his mother-in-law rubbed off on him.

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