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Jeepers, what a weird trade.

I can see what the Red Sox see in Stewart, as he's a nice reclamation project and a decent little haul. I don't know what the fuck Cherington wants with a 28-year-old Lillibridge, though, considering his only value is his defense. And instead of trying to get some lottery ticket low-level prospect as a throw-in, the Sox are eating money, too? The maximum upside here is that Stewart winds up as a barely competent 4/5 starter, but he's still stuck in AAA at 25. (Well, best case is he's a better starter than Daniel Bard, but then again, most AAA pitchers are.)

In a vacuum, it just doesn't make any sense to trade a still-valuable piece for a guy with a career ERA of 6 and a 28-year-old whose second position listed on Baseball Reference is "pinch runner." Crawford's going to be out for another month, just stash Youkilis in left and hope his offense rebounds, instead of trading him at his lowest career point with more than a month to go before the deadline.

Ordinarily, I'd say that it's a gamble for the White Sox, considering Youkilis' health is a serious red flag and his bat speed is slowing considerably, but he isn't going to have a hard time beating Orlando Hudson's .250 OBP, and considering how little they gave up, it's a decent deal for them. The only downside I can see is that with Konerko, Dunn, Pierzynski and Youkilis, that has to be the slowest team in the majors.

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