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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

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Again... WHY hire cannon fodder? That fundamentally makes NO sense. Why not hire people who are EFFECTIVE?
(sigh) Hell, I don't know...maybe because he thought they'd be more effective than they were (or at least not get themselves killed)? This goes back to the whole "Vickers sabotaged the mission by hiring idiots" theory. I have a hard time believing Weyland himself would have handpicked two squeamish potheads. I'm sure if he was doing the recruiting, he would have gotten more competent people. Again, effective or not, his only real criteria would have been that they STAY THE HELL OUT OF HIS WAY when it comes time to say "Hi" to E.T.
Ultimately, one has to twist and twist in order to make sense of THIS CREW... this is a failure of the writing. Characters doing stupid things in order to advance the plot.

Weyland's desire to meet the aliens, to ask for more life, THAT makes sense... but why hire these people? That makes NO sense, unless one twists and twists.
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