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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

To do that job you have to be a highly educated genius.

These days only sad ass boring people are HIGHLY educated geniuses, or have had their extensive education paid for by the military that any mischievousness inside of them has had the shit kicked out of it...

In the future, one would hope that if every one is a highly educated genius, because it's almost impossible not to be highly educated genius, we are going to have scruffy cantankerous asshole highly educated genius drunks with chronic nicotine/pot habits who can sum out multiple quadratic equations in their heads simultaneously, which is what you have to do to pilot a star ship if your computer starts to go crazy and kill the crew.

Every starship mission is a suicide trip.

Only mad men and expendables are going to sign up.

But even the worst of the best is still pretty damn good.
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