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Re: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter produced by Tim Burton in the work

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I've been reading Iron Man and Thor since before I even knew how to read, so no, those don't sound very original to me
First off, your familiarity with a particular subject matter is largely irrelevant to whether its original or not.

Second, the first Iron Man was considered pretty risky. You had a second-string character, a director known for comedies and an actor known for indie films, TV and substance abuse issues. Similarly, Thor was about a second string character set in a world that looked like Dino DiLaurentis' Flash Gordon, with an unknown star and a director known for historical dramas and indie films.

And, finally, you're going to argue that vampire movies aren't mainstream? They've been mainstream since at least the 1930s when Bela Lugosi first told us he never drinks wine.
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