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Re: Ninja Turtles CGI cartoon on Nickelodeon this Fall

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While I'd love to see someone really attempt to do something with the original comic as much as everyone else, I still think the old cartoon has it's own brand of flavor.
The 2000 series was pretty faithful to the original comic -- not quite as dark and violent, of course, but closer to its concepts and characters than any other version and adapting a lot of its storylines. (At least, up until they revamped it for the last two seasons and made it more kid-friendly.)

As for the '80s series, I felt it followed a downward curve. The best episode they had was the very first one. Then the rest of the original 5-episode miniseries was the next-best stuff they did, then the remaining 8 episodes of the first season weren't quite as good as that, then the first syndicated season wasn't as good as that, and so on, progressively downhill. Maybe that last season where they brought in a new villain and got more serious again was better than the previous one, but I'd mostly given up watching by then.
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