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Re: Feline Follies

A friend of mine had a cat at her allotment*, but it was a wild'ish thing she couldn't bring with her back to her down-town flat to live as an indoor cat.
When it passed last year, or was it a year and a half ago?, she swore a holy oath that she would never have a cat again... Yeah right! -we've all heard that one, haven't we?
Long story short: Of course she got another! This time she chose the cat, not the other way 'round, so this kitten is used to be an indoor cat -until summer came and they could both move out to the garden.

I was there the other day and snapped these of the lawn-tiger in her summer lair:

(Thinking this thread had died I posted them in another thread first though.)

*) Here in DK it's a piece of land you rent for cheap and can have a lawn and a little house on (if you're not much of a veggie-grower, which used to be what they were for).

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