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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

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Obviously there WAS - Elizabeth Shaw. (Or at least Weyland thought so.) SHE wouldn't run away, and her quest for answers would override any desire for fame and glory. Holloway, as events proved, was simply along for the ride as her boyfriend (to keep Shaw happy). He was in the same category as Millburn & Fifield = Canary in the Coal Mine/Cannon Fodder.
Again... WHY hire cannon fodder? That fundamentally makes NO sense. Why not hire people who are EFFECTIVE?

Good question. Obviously Weyland wouldn't have the prejudice against robots Holloway and others displayed. Vickers, on the other hand...
And David wasn't running away... nor getting lost... seemed to be able to do everything...

AMEN to that. But ask anybody these days under 30 who was on that mission, and you get "Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and...uh, the other one..."
(I really wish there was a thumbsup that didn't have the wink.)
You brought up Michael Collins in comparison to the "dregs" of the science community, like those on board Prometheus, not what people under 30 would think. Why don't you address that?
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