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Re: What likely happened to the Cardassian Union after the war

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Ever wonder if Bajor, untouched by the Dominion War and near Cardassian space, might've exacted some "off the radar payback" against the Cardies in the aftermath of the war?

Kind of plays to that alternate universe in "Paralles" where the Bajorans had overthrown Cardassian control and then become militant, attacking Federation targets.
Groups like Kohn-Ma may very well do that, but Bajor was already starting to work with Cardassia before the war (Bareil's peace treaty, the GQ communications array, etc). Also Bajor would still be wanting to get into the UFP and picking on the Cardassians in their post-war state wouldn't look to good.

Though there is still a lot of bitterness, resentment and anger towards the Cardassians, the Bajorans can at least relate to what they've gone through, having just endure occupation themselves. I doubt they'll be BFFs but I'd think they'd be sympathetic towards them.
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