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Re: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter produced by Tim Burton in the work

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Deadline's done an about-face on their BO predictions. Sadly, not as good as expected (17M for the weekend). Everyone who wants to see this puppy, get to the theaters now! (I'll be going in a few days.)
No, people, listen to io9, and don't bother!
A film like Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is fascinating because it takes our claim that we're "over slavery" at face value since we've all gotten over it, and it's no longer an issue, let's make a silly-but-taking-itself-kinda-seriously action movie about it. And yet, somewhere along the way, the makers of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter probably realized that Americans really haven't gotten over slavery and the Civil War as much as we like to claim. Hence the fact that this film is really choppily edited you get the sense that key scenes were taken out at the last moment.

Anyone who wants to see quite how wrong and pointless vampire stories can get should definitely rent Abraham Lincoln at some point. If your friends do drag you to this film in the theater, though, a bit of advice take a half-hour pee break when he becomes president. The movie literally drags to a halt once he's got the famous beard.

And in not bothering, also kill off any remaining life-signs of the rightfully comatose Pride and Prejudice and Zombies adaptation while you're at it!
I followed the link to the review. Thanks for posting it. It was an interesting interpretation of the film. Even though I-apparently?-liked the film more than the reviewer I do agree that we as a nation are not 'over' slavery, and also that the movie doesn't really go too deeply in addressing slavery. And I don't have a problem at all with the criticism that the movie trivialized slavery. Though I would say that it trivialized a lot of Lincoln's life as well, including his complicated views on race. To be honest I'm happy that they mentioned slavery at all and showed even a glimpse of it's brutality. I'm also glad there was no moral equivocation of the Confederacy in this film. I think there is a tendency to minimize slavery and to romanticize the Confederacy too much in pop culture. This film didn't do that. Sure it could've explored the horrors of slavery and antebellum politics more, but at the same time its a summer vampire film. I wasn't expecting much and got more than I thought I would.
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