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Re: The All-New DALLAS!

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I have a practical question. Is this season 15 (ala Doctor Who), since it's a continuation? 15 assuming the ignoring of the TV movies.
I read a quote from Patrick Duffy (Bobby) somewhere earlier today, something to the effect of "we want the viewer to think that the show's been on the air all these years and the viewer forgot which channel it was on" - or something to that effect. Elsewhere I believe it was referred to unofficially as season 15. That's up to the viewer, maybe.

As long as Duffy and Hangman are in, I'll be watching. It's not really challenging television but a guilty pleasure. That's what resonates with me in comparison to the series of the 80s. I can't recall the two made for TV movies however, something about Sue Ellen ending up with all the riches and ownership to Ewing Oil? It certainly doesn't seem like that in the premiere.

Hopefully Victoria Principal will be roped back into reprising her role. She certainly was a standout in the early episodes. I know her character nearly burned to death but that's hardly a hurdle to creative writers (although I'm sure it would have taken Orci and Kurtzman: the Dream Team several years to sort that one out).

I used to love to hear the cruel (but often creative) things JR would say to his wife. My favorite: "Go to bed Sue Ellen. There's nothing uglier than a woman who can't handle her liquor!"
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