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Re: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter produced by Tim Burton in the work

If a vampire wants to turn you, all he has to do is bite and inject a large dose of vampire venom, while taking just enough blood to sate it. If it wants to kill you quick, it drains you dry. If it wants you to die slow... well, the book explained it as the vampire giving his victim a "fool's dose" of venom - a small amount that kills you (in extreme agony) without turning you. (That's what happens twice *spoiler warning* in the film.)

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Also, as pointed out, it seems odd that at one point Henry couldn't touch Adam, but at the end they could beat on each other no problem. Maybe Adam was just lying and had Henry in some sort of thrall the first time? Afterall, Henry also had no problem throwing around Coats on the docks.
The impression I got was you had to catch the other vampire off-guard to attack - otherwise you get Hypnotoad-eyes from your opponent and freeze. You can't just go charging at 'em.

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Actually, it could be as simple as vampries can't kill other vampires but can wail on each other no problem - hence the silver knife Henry couldn't use.
This. The very weapons you need to kill your opponent are toxic/lethal to you too.
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