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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

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No, because - if Weyland succeeds and comes back to Earth immortal, bearing solid evidence of both first contact with aliens AND the secret origin of mankind - HE wants all the credit. Having more competant/prominent scientists on board would stand in the way of that.
Having more competent people would stand in the way? REALLY? Cause how did it work out for him having the dregs of the scientific community? THEY RAN AWAY AT THE FIRST SIGHT OF WHAT HE WAS LOOKING FOR.

I'm sorry... that is the silliest justification.... You don't think in the world of Alien there's a (capable) scientist who would be willing to work for a TON of money, who would sign a contract?

You don't think the movie just might be a WEE bit better if there weren't idiots in the movie?

That's why, among other things, Vickers ordered Shaw/Holloway to report straight back to her if they found any living aliens. "You WON'T engage them, you WON'T talk to them." It wasn't enough for this egomaniac even that he gain renewed life; he also wanted the fame and glory of being the first to personally speak with extraterrestrials. "I WILL achieve greatness - or die trying." The "dregs" would just have to settle for being to the Prometheus mission what Michael Collins was to Apollo 11.
If it was that important to Weyland that HE be the one to discover, why didn't he just go with a shipload of Davids? David was MUCH more capable of... well, EVERYONE... Weyland HAD the destination... Why did he need a human crew? IF it was so important that HE be the one to discover the Aliens... and not just getting a longer life.

AND, ...Michael Collins was a fucking hero. And NOT an idiot.
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