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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

I'm thinking about re-rolling on Harbinger and just starting from scratch. Mine was the only west coast server to get moved to an east coast one and I've been experiencing the occasional latency jump.

About 90% of the time, things are okay. The average jumped from about 30-40ms to 100-110. It's not great, but the reality the difference is hardly noticeable. But the last few days I've been experiencing some serious spikes. Last night, about half-way through a VS match it jumped to over 400ms. A half a second is just unplayable in any pvp.

The other thing is, these days being on a pvp server pretty much just means pvp. I still haven't experienced half the content yet, but finding a group for anything is becoming increasingly difficult. The finder will probably help some, but if people are simply not interested in the first place, it really won't matter.

I'd hate to do it. Starting completely over just sucks. And Jung Ma is actually doing organized world pvp events that look a lot of fun, but if I'm having latency issues, I won't be able to participate anyways.
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