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Re: Vanguard: Storming Heaven by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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The Orions had an agreement with Reyes that Nogura allowed to stand that what happened on the Orion ship was not subject ro Starfleet control. Reyes took advantage of that when he sought asylum. Nogura let that continue for a while until he sent armed Starfleet personnel aboard and 1) tried to extract Reyes and 2) killed Orion citizens aboard a vessel that Starfleet had agreed was not under their jurisdiction. What Nogura did was nothing less than murder.

After that I wouldn't trust Starfleet any further than I could throw a Starbase.
Wrong. I refer you to page 139 of What Judgments Come, in which it is revealed that the order to send armed Starfleet personnel aboard for the failed extraction attempt came from Admiral Komack at Starfleet Security, who bypassed Nogura's authority and went straight to Vanguard's security chief with confidential orders.

There are many decisions made by Nogura whose morality can be debated, but it's grossly unfair for you to tar him with blame for a decision he never made.
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