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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

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This was not a professional scientific expedition. It was a corporate mission and they didn't care at all about scientific method. The two lead scientists were crackpot alien astronaut theorists that nobody respected. The geologist was a pothead (I forgot that part, lol). The other two scientists signed onto a two year expedition without knowing what the hell it was about; clearly they were the dregs of their respective fields.
This was the impression I got pretty much as things started to unreel. That said while we can interpret this part of the film as such (and not unfairly) I can understand the complaints that a few lines of dialogue could have clarified this idea.

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Since the angels were forced to sacrifice themselves to create life on other worlds, they now wish to exterminate those planets and remake them into their own worlds to inhabit.
Or they wanted to eradicate all traces of what they had unlashed lest it continue to turn on them. If humanity is indeed a descendant or progeny of the Engineers and the black goo then they might just assume we need to be wiped out. And/or there's some other as yet unspecified reason they felt we didn't deserve to continue as a species---this a question which could be clarified in a sequel.

On this point, though, one can legitimately quibble. Our DNA is 99% similar to chimpanzees and yet we are quite different. The film could have said more accurately that our DNA and that of the Engineers are a very close match and not identical a match. Mind you a lot of folks in the audience might not catch that, but it is a slip in the writing.
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