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Are playoffs taken into account when awarding the Vezina? I can't remember. I'm glad to see two of my Sens picked up an award.
All awards are voted on between the close of the regular season and the first game of the postseason. There's a reason they're regular-season awards.

So, any bets on how long the off season will be this year?
A couple of news sources have said that the first unofficial offer from ownership (they don't start formal negotiations 'til next week) was with a cap at $70.3 million and players taking 48 percent of revenues (they're currently at 57 percent; prior to the existing CBA, it was 76 percent). Also, note that the NHL's CBA expires on September 15, which is different from the NBA and NFL whose expired at the end of their respective fiscal years.

The problem is that it's a vicious cycle, especially in the NHL -- owners extract financial concessions, but then they spend beyond their means, so teams raise ticket / merch prices, the cap goes up due to increased revenue, and this works to a point ... but when it gets too expensive and the contracts too bloated, owners complain and demand rollbacks in the next CBA.

A couple of the other big issues are supposed to be teams burying contracts in the AHL (Redden, Leighton, and others), the Pronger / Kovalchuk-type deals, and what the Flyers did to Richards and Carter.

In the meanwhile, I guess it really comes down to what the players found out when going over team financials. I don't think we're at a "welp, there goes the season" stage, and we won't be for another month at least, but there's definitely some reason for apprehension, since owners have shown themselves to not always be the smartest people at the bargaining table, and Don Fehr has shown that he has no problem telling his players to strike.
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