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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

Finally got around to seeing this and really liked it by and large. Space movies like this aren't that common in the cinemas these days (last comparable film I went to was Avatar), and the original Alien is one of my favourite films. I watch it every Halloween.

It's true that Prometheus is always conscious of the fact that the movie is banking on its relationship to Alien - it has many of the same visual cues, a plot that moves in a similar direction, scare moments that toy with or build on some of the most inspired sequences in the original film - but, again, I love the heck out of that movie so this kind of fidelity did not get on my bad side.

And the way the film built on the HR Giger designed alien spaceship with those new rooms and controls was sweet. Some strong performances too - Fassbender's every bit as good as Holm as the morally ambivalent android.

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I wasn't a fan of Prometheus, but that doesn't make people stupid for enjoying it or being okay with the lack of explanation for many of the events in the film. What I personally see as poor scriptwriting and direction, others might see as a deliberate choice to leave things vague and mysterious for the sequel(s). The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.
Since I've read they hoped to make sequels to Prometheus, I'd assume that the vagueness was deliberate.

Whether such vagueness being deliberate constitutes poor scriptwriting regardless is of course another question.

But hey. If they're making a sequel, I'm definitely onboard.

Suggested title for sequel: Epimetheus. You're welcome, Ridley Scott.
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