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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Actually that system was to be expanded originally... The dep heads were supposed to "consume" doffs to enhance their own stats and First officer was supposed to receive special Number 1 powers and even number one play...
But as of right now, does NOTHING other than choosing which picture to display when a BOFF reads a report, right?

At least, I haven't found any differences...

Like MANY things in this game, it was half-assed to start, and then abandoned rather than fixed/finished/removed. So many things that would have been cool with a little more planning/work, but were just put out and abandoned instead
Well Dept heads have their own Doff missions.
And near as I can tell, picking a white human science officer as first officer doesn't do anything differently than a purple tac officer. The missions on the ship are just at certain spots, and they use the picture of whoever you picked to be, say, CMO, to give them to you. No functional differences
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