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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

I know and am friends with quite a few people who like things I don't like and vice versa. I certainly don't think they're stupid even if I can't personally fathom some of their tastes. And they don't seem to think I'm stupid either.

Alien has become something of a classic and I, too, love the film, but it really isn't a deep movie. Someone can project all sorts of things into a film, things that aren't really there or weren't put there intentionally by the filmmaker.

Alien is basically a '50's "scary monster" flick that works because it's well crafted, but it really isn't any deeper than that. Sometimes a story is just a story without deeper aspirations no matter how polished and smartly crafted it is.

I care nothing for the Transformer movies or any number of other flicks that have been popular even as I know people who have liked those films. I don't think of them as stupid. I wasn't much impressed by Avatar even though I know people who loved it. I loathe ST09 even though I know folks who liked it... Okay, that last one is a touchy subject but I still won't call those people stupid.
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