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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

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Big LOST fan here, but l don't think l'm stupid (my mommy used to tell me l was a smart boy). Anyhoo, at least with LOST Lindelof and the other writers of the show gave us enough information to draw some of our own conclusions concerning the mysteries of the island.
I think that's the main issue The Internet has with Lindelof. "I'll just throw shit in, and you make your own damn conclusions".

Anyway, seeing how many fanboys went suicidal after that finale, I'm glad I gave up on Lost after two seasons.

But I must admit, the show had it's allure at first. It really did. It just didn't feel like it was going anywhere. The mysteries all felt so... Random and... I don't know, it was just a mess.
l was one those who stuck with the show through thick and thin, and although it kept me glued to my seat with anticipation for most of those six years, l felt the finale was a total cop-out. l still believe Lindelof and the others had dug themselves so deep into a hole, there was no way to get out.

I LOVE the show, but HATED the finale...almost as much as l hate Prometheus.
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