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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

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Beautiful looking movie, but hack script with terrible characters written by an idiot who continues to get a job in Hollywood for his ability to confuse audiences into thinking what he writes must be deep and good, when in the end, the audience is just stupid.
Exactly how I feel about the whole thing.
I wasn't a fan of Prometheus, but that doesn't make people stupid for enjoying it or being okay with the lack of explanation for many of the events in the film. What I personally see as poor scriptwriting and direction, others might see as a deliberate choice to leave things vague and mysterious for the sequel(s). The truth probably lies
somewhere in the middle.
Reluctantly, I agree. I enjoyed te movie but I'm disappointed that so many people are so willing to overlook its very obvious flaws and give it a big thumbs up. But I think it very much depends on what expectations you went in with. I have hugely enjoyed some horrendously schlocky movies because I accepted them for what they were. I can overlook about a third of Star Wars' flaws on the basis that it is a franchise for children but I lament some of the elements of Trek 09 that moved it further from what TOS (at its best) used to be and closer to being a franchise for children. I was disappointed in Prometheus because I thought it was an opportunity to move the Alien universe franchise away from the recent schlocky AvP style movies and back towards something deeper, creepier, and scarier. On that score, it failed miserably unfortunately.
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