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Re: Avengers Vs. X-Men -- Speculation, Spoilers, and Discussion

Every issue is written by a different author?

Wikipedia has 5 writers attached the project.

What's the split?

Liking this weeks means nothing.

Each writer was given a brief of which plot points that they had to touch and then they consulted their editors about how much latitude they wanted to infuse the story with 'original' material.

This is how they make TV.

It's why when a two parter comes out, one half sucks a lot more than the other.

but buying next weeks issue that isn't Hickman is hardly a reason just because Hickman rules, especially since in 6 weeks when the next Hickman issue comes out, unless he was collaborating with the other writers ex parte to interlock this stuff popper, he had minimum confirmation on what the final products looked like between his issues.

Which in a post Skype world is pisseasy.

I'm surprised their isn't a dedicated channel just for writers to weave 616 with a little more cohesion... But then Rich Johnston would be out of a job.
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