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The collectives worked best when they were completist, like the "Borg" or "Q" ones. The time travel one was (inevitably) missing quite a bit, as was the Klingon one. The alternate realities one was a great collection as was the captain's log.

I'd like to see another one eventually.
All the sets with the exception of the Q one (which was literally every Q episode ever) were fan voted episodes thus "Fan Collective"). had a list of episodes that fans voted for, and the top 10 got selected.

There were some excpetions. The Alternate Reality set included all the MU episodes plus the top 10 other alternate reality timelines. The Captain's Log set included the favourite episode of each captain's actor plus the other top 10 episodes.

I already knew how they were selected, I was just saying that the process meant that episodes that should really have been included(like "assignment earth" for time travel, or "day of the dove" for the Klingons) were not.
It doesn't bother me that certain episodes were excluded. Those episodes were included in the voting list, and clearly not enough people voted them.

It did bother me that the Klingon set included such episodes as The Trouble with Tribbles, Trials and Tribble-Ations and Broken Bow. Those aren't really Klingon episodes, they're episodes which feature Klingons, so why they were even included in the voting list I don't get. The Alternate Reality set also took some liberties in what it considered an alternate reality.

Then there's the weird bit with TATV showing up as a fan voted episode on the Captain's Log set. I was unaware there were any fans who liked TATV, let alone enough who voted it over all other Archer-centred episodes of Enterprise. Even Scott Bakula expressed surprise over that in an interview included on the DVD.
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