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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

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My thoughts on this were that the Engineers represented Humanity's evolutionary future. Perhaps a few million years ago, the Engineers looked much like us. Overtime, however, they grew larger, lost their hair, and turned grey. Maybe that's where we're headed. Humans have been getting taller over the centuries.
I realize this post is some days old, but contrary to popular belief humans as a species have not been gradually getting taller over time. It's mostly a recent (~150 year) phenomenon tied mostly to childhood nutrition affecting reaching growth potential.

...First, the observed increase in height has not been continuous since the dawn of man; it began sometime around the middle of the nineteenth century. In fact, examinations of skeletons show no significant differences in height from the stone age through the early 1800s. Also, during World Wars I and II, when hunger was a frequent companion of the German civilian population, the heights of the children actually declined. They only recovered during the post-war years....

...Second, the trend toward increasing height has largely leveled off, suggesting that there is an upper limit to height beyond which our genes are not equipped to take us, regardless of environmental improvements...

Scientific American, "Why Are We Getting Taller As a Species?"
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