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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

So I just read Smallville #8 and all I can say is... wow! Best issue EVER! The Superman Vs. Sam Lane battle royale was a fast, funny and breathtaking action sequence. I loved that Miller was able to get Lois into the fight and establish definitively that Sam Lane does not know Superman's secret identity.

It looks like Sam Lane was having an ethical crisis during the fight. He's not Thunderbolt Ross or Captain Nemo out to carve himself some Hulk/Dick meat. He's got a job to do but that doesn't mean he feels good about. It seems he's at odds with both Luthor and his superiors about the Superman situation. I get the impression that he respects Supes' power and that respect was increased by a factor of ten when Superman saves Lois from Sam's own folly.

Superman during the battle was calm, self-assured and quite funny. His quips during the fight very much reminded me of the way Siegel & Shuster's Golden Age Superman used to joke during a brawl.

The Luthor/Tess angle became faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar more interesting this issue. The memory toxin Tess dosed him with comes from the Smallville mythos tying in with the Summerholt and Belle Reve eps. It also seems to imply that Tess isn't a hallucination of Lex and that she may very well have used the virus to upload her personality into his head. Very Return of the Joker.

Thanks Brian! Can't wait 'til next Friday!

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