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Re: Anyone else find Naomi Wildman annoying?

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Seems like a lot of people not only can stand Naomi Wildman, but actually LIKE her. I never could, she just bugged me. I mean to me, she has Neelix levels of being annoying with a Wesley Crusher twist.
So, does anybody not like her as I do, or if you do like her: why?
Thank you.
I have no problem with her, I don't dislike her, simply because I don't find her annoying. I enjoyed her interactions with Seven and Neelix. I believe she contributed to "Humanizing" Seven every bit as much as Capt Janeway did.

And Neelix, when I watched the First run live (Spotty viewing at best), I thought Neelix was a complete oaf, fool and a joke. However, after just finishing a complete rewatch of the Series for the first time, I found Neelix to be quite a valuable member of the crew and far more of a comeptent Warrior with far more courage than I ever would've thought from my initial viewing during First Run.

*Sorry, just can't seem to come up with any arguments to defend you Wesley, other than you don't annoy me so bad it destroys every episode you're in.
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